06 Nov


The ultimate goal of your online business is to develop a seller platform. You want to have repeat customers, subscribers to your newsletter, readers of your blog, and followers on social media. It’s a matter of branding yourself, and it’s something that’s easier than ever to do online.

  1. Your platform begins with your website:

Register your own domain, ideally in the form of “www.domain.com.” Put something on, even if it is just a single page with your name and a little information about what you write.

  1. Create a logo:

A logo is like a storefront sign. A good logo is professional-looking. It represents who you are, what service you provide, or what you sell.

  1. Start a mailing list:

It will likely benefit your business to pay a modest monthly fee for an e-mail service provider. An e-mail service provider keeps track of mailing lists and streamlines the process whereby individuals can subscribe or unsubscribe from those lists, which is required law.

  1. Blog regularly:

Regularly blogging acts as a signal to visitors that there’s ongoing activity inside that might interest them.  A blog is another way of building your platform. By inviting comments from readers and responding to them, you give your customers another reason to visit you.

  1. Develop a Social Media Strategy:

The easiest way to do this, without spending any money is to go online to figure out where your targeted audience is already hanging out. It’s very crucial to find out where your interests lie, what online platform they use and then go about from there.

  1. Publish Your Own Newsletter:

You need to gather names and e-mail addresses, and one of the best ways to do this is by creating a newsletter. Here are some ideas of what a newsletter might contain:

  • Announcements of special sales and promotions
  • New products
  • Instructions on how to use your products
  • Keepsakes
  • A bonus
  1. Post Content:

The more the content, the higher the visibility. It really is a symbiotic relationship that most of us are aware of. Even if you hate writing, publish content by pushing out anything from pictures, video, or article links. It helps a lot.

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