04 Oct

How to conduct advertising research

Advertising Research   is a systematic process of marketing research conducted to improve the efficiency of advertising.

Before you begin an advertising campaign, you should spend some time studying your audience to better understand it. As you go through this process, you might find that there are different groups of customers and prospects that appear. By using various tools and strategies to reach out to these groups of people, you can learn more about them.

Here are some strategies you can use in your advertising research:


  • Surveys

How to conduct advertising research

Online surveys can be easily set up with sites like Survey Monkey, and are one of the best ways to understand your customers. This allows you to ask specific questions you want answers to, though be careful to avoid bias response. Make sure you consider the type o and number of questions you ask. You can send the survey to newsletters, social media platforms and websites.

  • Google Analytics

How to conduct advertising research

Browse your analytics to figure out how much traffic you are getting to your site, where the traffic is coming from, the demographics of your users and other pertinent information that could help you target your advertising campaign.

  • Keyword Research

How to conduct advertising research

Conducting online keyword research is the foundation of SEO, but it also tells you what consumers are interested in and the relative level of interest. It also helps to reveal the language being used to talk about these topics.

  • Customer Reviews

How to conduct advertising research

Check out the outline reviews of your product and services or those of competitors to see the most common problems, concerns or desires among potential customers.

  • Competitor Analysis

How to conduct advertising research

Looking at your customers’ websites and social media accounts can provide useful information about consumers that are shopping in your vertical but have chosen not to buy from your brand. Don’t hate on them; find a way to make them come around to your side.

  • Blog Comments

How to conduct advertising research


If you have comments on your blog, reading through those comments can provide you with some insight into the opinions your audience has about various topics related to your company.

  • Google Trends 

How to conduct advertising research

Google Trends can help you to understand if a topic is becoming more or less popular.

  • Social Media

How to conduct advertising research

Comments and messages on your social media platforms can provide you with some excellent insight into the thoughts and concerns of your audience. Additionally, engagement metrics such as likes and shares can also help you determine the popularity of your advertising campaigns.

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